Eighteenth Hour



Eighteenth Hour

EIGHTEENTH HOUR’s new self-titled CD is available now!



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EIGHTEENTH HOUR is a band that takes you back to the 70’s hard rock scene, but with a fresh sound that can meet your demands of today! It is a 4-piece with energy, attitude and power, so buckle up. - Ola Gränshagen (Melodic.net)

There are certainly classic rock influences here. However, this sounds a lot more contemporary to me. Every one of them could be a viable single. They're all catchy without being flashy, which means that they grow. The more you listen, the better it gets. And that goes for all ten tracks, none of which are clones of any of the others. I dug this a lot. - Hal C. F. Astell (Apocalypse Later Empire)

All in all, Eighteenth Hour's latest album is a fine one: classic melodic heavy rock given a modern breath of fresh air. Get it. Easily recommended. - Craig Hartranft (Dangerdog Music)

The quality of this Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) quartet encompasses striking songs and energetic performances. Much of the album's sound is reminiscent of the '90s indie rock (but with an ubiquitous 70's aura), but without sounding dated or anything.
In short, if you are looking for something different and of undeniable quality Eighteenth Hour may be just what you are looking for. Great songs, flawless performances and unpredictable sound make this album a beautiful - and highly recommended - surprise. - Juliano M. (AORWatchTower)

The quartet EIGHTEENTH HOUR is trying to make music in a Classic Rock way similar to LED ZEPPELIN and THIN LIZZY, using their eclectic insight to build music. “Eighteenth Hour” can be a good choice for having a good time. - “Metal Mark” Garcia (Metal Temple - Brazil)

Well worth a listen and adding to your playlists. Eighteenth Hour have been steadily building a reputation for their music and live shows in and around their home town of Bethlehem PA, now with a new label and strong set of songs, they look set for global take off! - Jason (Get ready To ROCK! UK)